Batida de coco mocktail

For 2 mocktails

2 tbsp. La Vida Vegan coconut spread
400 ml. coconut yoghurt
1 mango
1 lime
1 tbsp. pineapple syrup
grated coconut
ice blocks

Cut off a slice of mango and halve the lime. Cut one half of the lime into pieces and set apart for garnishing. Peel the rest of the mango and cut the flesh from the core. Put the La Vida Vegan coconut spread, the mango, the coconut yoghurt, pineapple syrup and the juice of half a lemon in a blender and mix until it becomes a smooth mocktail. Finally, add some ice blocks and whisk a little.

Sprinkle some grated coconut on a plate and spread the edge of the glass in which you will serve the mocktail with La Vida Vegan coconut spread. Then, press the edge of the glass into the grated coconut and twist a few times until a sufficient amount of grated coconut sticks. Fill the glasses with the mocktail and garnish with a skewer with a piece of mango, lime and coconut. Serve with straws and mint.