Dutch egg liquor in disguise with clotted soy cream

Mix the sugar with the custard powder and stir this together with 3 tbsp. of soy milk into a smooth paste. Heat the remaining soy milk and add the custard mixture while stirring and let it boil.

Let it simmer for another 2 minutes but stir regularly. Remove the pan from the heat, add the La Vida Vegan white coconut paste and the brandy and continue stirring. Let the liquor mixture cool down completely and divide it between glasses.

Garnish with clotted soy cream, fresh coconut and mint and enjoy your drink!

Recipe for 2 glasses:

2 tbsp. La Vida Vegan white coconut paste
500 ml of soy milk
50 g custard powder
30 g sugar
50 ml brandy
Whipped soy cream
fresh coconut